Peter Indorf Collection Diamond Studs

# DS

Peter Indorf Collection Diamond Studs

# DS

Our lab diamond stud earrings come in any size!

Lab diamonds are indistinquishable from mined natural diamonds.  In fact, gemologists cannot tell the difference without an expensive testing machine.  Furthermore, most lab diamonds have a higher quality of color, clarity and cutting than the mined and they cost is 15 to 20% of mined diamonds!  

As a quick refresher, diamonds grading standards are set by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

The color scale starts at D and runs to Z.  For us the popular colors are F, G,H and I.

The major clarity scale is Flawless (FL), Very Very Small inclusion (VVS), Very Small (VS), Slightly Included (SI), and Imperfect (I).  There are further delineations in each grade, but for this discussion the major headings are good.  For us, we like SI or higher.

Cutting refers to the proportion and light performance, not shape.  The best diamond cut is referred to as Ideal cut.  This is where you get the best balance of white light return, sparkle and dispersion which is the flashes of color that is so desirable in diamonds. There are many lower grades of diamond cut.  The GCAL 8X is the pinnacle of diamond cut.  We feel that Ideal cutting is the most important parameter.   

Carat weight is a unit of measurement.  There are 5 carats to a gram for reference.  There are 100 points to a carat.  Diamond weight is expressed in decimals.  A 1/2 carat diamond is also 0.50 carat.

Our diamond studs are made to your order, we specialize in better diamonds with bright sparkle and great value. 

Your purchase is guaranteed, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Insurance Appraisl.  If not satisfied you may exchange for a different pair or get a refund. 

All sizes under 2 carats total weight are available in a few days. When we receive your order we will advise on ship date. Diamond stud earrings over 2 carats total weight will be created uniquely for you, so get in touch for a free quote.

Product Details


Photo shows a 2 carat total weight pair of 14K white gold three prong diamond studs.
Also available in 4 prong, 14K yellow or rose gold is all the same price. Please specify on your order or get in touch for personal service.
Larger diamond studs over 3 carats are also available.

Name Diamond Studs
Stock Number DS
Type Earrings
Collection Classic Jewelry
Material 14K White Gold

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The designs shown here use a variety of diamonds, gemstones and pearls and can be customized to your taste and budget.

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