Peter Indorf Collection Half Moon Opal

# 270-743 Sale Ready to Ship

Peter Indorf Collection Half Moon Opal

# 270-743 Sale Ready to Ship

Type 1: Precious Opal a single solid piece 

Origin: Coober Pedy AUS 

Size: 7.5 x 9.0 x 3.8 mm

Carat weight: 2 pieces are 2.98 carat total 

Shape: Half Moon

Body tone: White opal

Transparency: Translucent

Treatment: None

Brightness: Bright

Color:  Multicolor, Orange and Green

Pattern: Uneven

Color Directionality: Slightly directional in the play of color

Cutting: High Dome

Possible usage: Earrings, Ring, Pendant

Note: Nice pair

Choose this opal pair and let us create a beautiful piece for you or a loved one!

Price is for the pair.

Product Details

Name Half Moon Opal
Stock Number 270-743
Type Gemstone

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