Peter Indorf Collection Eva

# 104360

Peter Indorf Collection Eva

# 104360

Our EVA collection is a group of stacking rings, from plain bands to rings set with precious gems.  

This ring stack measures about 10 mm wide and  is shown here with a group of five bands.  From the top:

1 - Bezel set .10 carat round diamond and ruby baguette on  a 2 mm round wire band.  

14K $1200  

18K $1350

2 - Rope twist band, 1.5 mm.

14K $190

18K $250

3 - Ruby channel band, 1.14 carat total

18K $1890

4 - Flat plain band, 2 mm wide

14K $195

18K 265

5 - Millgrain band, 1.8 mm wide

14K $700

18K $750

These rings can be ordered individually or in a group.

Search for other variations of EVA with diamonds and colored gems within our site and examples of how you can stack them in infinite possiblities. 

The approximate costs in white, pink, green or yellow golds for the whole stack are:

5 piece 18K Band stack set with round diamond, ruby band $4175

5 piece 14K Band stack set with round diamond, ruby band $4505

5 piece 18K Band stack set with round diamond, diamond band $4865

5 piece 14K Band stack set with round diamond, ruby band $4535

5 piece 18K Band stack set with round diamond, sapphire band $4395

5 piece 14K Band stack set with round diamond, sapphire band $4065

Please get in touch for your personal quotation as these prices while accuate at the time of posting, can change. 

These rings are available in any ring size, other sizes of gems are available, larger and smaller.  

This ring will be custom made for you, if you desire it.  Our process is simple and honest.  After we discuss your needs we create a 3 dimensional custom design rendering with a written proposal of price, delivery and details.  Only once you are satisfied with the design and price do we request a 1/2 deposit.  Delivery is typically within 3 to 4 weeks.

Product Details

Name Eva
Stock Number 104360
Type Ring
Collection Contemporary Jewelry

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The designs shown here use only the finest diamonds and gemstones.  Most of Peter Indorf's  personal designs are only offered in platinum or high karat gold.   

Peter Indorf's highly personalized custom design work is only available by appointment,  via FaceTime or Skype and is supported by text, email and telephone as needed.  Due to a busy schedule, Peter Indorf will fit in design appointments as he can.  

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