Paula Crevoshay Portuguese Man o' War

# PMWHK14 Ready to Ship

Paula Crevoshay Portuguese Man o' War

# PMWHK14 Ready to Ship

Crevoshay's PORTUGUESE MAN o' WAR is fascinating.  It is amazing that something so beautifully transparent, without discernable eyes or nose or ears to inform it, could even be.  They float, then dart and float again, all the while exhibitin an ever changing rainbow of scintillating colors across the mass of their colorless bodies.

In a world full of natural wonders jellyfish are unforgettable, which is why when Paula and her husband Martin first saw the large clear water opal with its brilliant display of all the spectral colors, they looked at each other and said in unison "jellyfish".

Paula said, "I chose to make a portrait of a Portuguese Man 'o War because of its beauty , although it is interesting to note that this animal is not a true jellyfish, which is a single organism.  The Man 'o War is a colony of specialized organisms so completely integrated that they cannot survive on their own.  The Man 'o War floats on the surface and the sail on top sticks out of the water to catch the wind. which is the only way it can move to new feeding areas.  Nature is continuously amazing!

This one-of-a-kind brooch has an Opal weighing 32.48 carats, plus 2 other Opals weighing 3.29 carat total, Botryoidal Chrysocolla weighing 1.80 carat, 18 Sapphires weighing a total of 1.51 carats and 12 Coral cabochons weighing 3.53 carat total.

Dimensions are 48 x 147.5 mm or 2 x 6 inches.

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Product Details

Name Portuguese Man o' War
Stock Number PMWHK14
Type Pendant
Sub Type Big & Important Pendants
Collection Sea Creatures
Material 18K Yellow Gold

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Paula Crevoshay